Once you feel that the cold winds of winter are beginning to subside, for sure, spring is coming. When the spring season comes, this means that you will have warmer and lighter days. This is most definitely a season that a lot of people enjoy. However, you cannot fully enjoy the spring season when you do not prepare your home for spring. The whole idea of preparing your home for spring is synonymous to doing a lot of work. Thus, when spring is fast approaching, you can lessen your workload by evaluating what work needs to be done so you can make the most of your time. You can begin by assessing the outside of your home and checking out your windows and doors. You should check your exterior walls as well to find out if there are any leaks, holes, or cracks that are caused by the cold season.

Make sure that you check your home ventilation as well as your heating and air conditioning systems. Before the climate will change, you have to have your filters cleaned or replaced. Also, check your air conditioner if they are in good working condition. Clean your fireplace, ceiling fans, and windows. Make sure to check your home emergency systems if they are still in good working condition. These include your home alarms, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide alarms. Check other parts of your home also like your roof. Be sure to clean your gutters and remove any branches, leaves, or twigs on your roof.

Aside from your home, you also have to prepare your garden for the upcoming spring season as the winter season may leave some unwanted residues to it. Winter may destroy your plants and flowers and freeze them. Your garden may also look like a mess. To take care of your garden, find out first when the official end of winter is. In this way, you will know when you can start rehabilitating your garden. Remove items that could obstruct your garden like some dry leaves and twigs. Use a rake and other garden tools to clean your entire garden. Ensure that the tools that you will be using are sharp and ready to use. Begin getting some seedlings, bulbs, and garden decorations.

If you are going to be planting new plants in your garden, make sure to have your soil cultivated properly. Have your walkways prepared and other areas that are adjacent to your garden landscape. Remove any debris and tree limbs found on your sidewalks. Have cracked and old garden hoses replaced. When your home and garden have been hit hard by the snow or if you live in an area that has more snow during the winter season, you should start planning how you can do spring landscaping. Do not forget to also take note of properly maintaining your lawn. If your concrete areas and pavers have gone dirty during the winter, make sure to use a pressure washer to keep them clean. Also, do not forget to power wash your vertical surfaces, vinyl sidings, and brick walls as necessary.

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