Fall is one of the seasons that a lot of people cannot help but enjoy and make the most of. If you love this season and want to make it more enjoyable, you have to begin with your home. Since the fall season is one that is filled with warmth and sunshine, you want your garden to reflect these characteristics. This season should not be the time to forget about your garden and just wait for the spring season to arrive to enjoy your garden activities and harvest. Here are some gardening tips and tricks to keep in mind for the fall season.

1. Store your garden hoses carefully
Ensure to keep your garden hoses properly coiled and tie them so they do not uncoil. Make sure to hang them on hooks found in your garage storage. When the growing season will come to an end, make sure to drain all of you garden hoses completely, have the ends connected to protect them from bumps, and store them from harsher weather. Have them stored with enough space around them so they will not get tangled or caught. You know that you have cared for your garden hoses properly when they are still in good working condition come the next spring.

2. Protect flower beds through fall mulching
To prevent the frost to heave your perennial plants upward, wait till the ground has frozen before you begin to do mulching around their crowns. It is a best fall practice to take good care of your current plants to ensure that they thrive. You can choose from different varieties of mulch, but the best one is fresh garden compost. To determine the best mulch for every flower bed, always test the pH balance of your soil. For instance, if your soil is too alkaline, you can use a cocoa bean mulch that will provide more acidic conditions, protect your perennials during winter, reduce weeds, and add nutrients to your soil.

3. Keep garden tools organized safely in your garage
Come the next spring, you may be having a hard time recalling where you have stored your garden tools during the fall season. You can save both your time and effort by organizing your garage tool storage area. You can make your garage wall space into a storage space for your big gardening tools. You can have your gardening tools sorted out vertically using secured hooks that you can easily attach to the wall.

4. Continue gardening through the fall season using a garden cold frame
Avoid vegetable gardens and herbs to easily fade when frost begins to show around. You can get a garden cold frame to keep your plants growing and harvesting with the right planning. You may even utilize an old sheet to cover your plants at night to add more weeks of bringing last blooms indoors and eating your fresh produce.

5. Take advantage of fall planters
Use fall planters to add more fall colors to your porch to brighten your entire house up. You can tuck in some yellow and orange gourds, climbing vines, and colorful perennials to the outside of your home. You can even place them on pedestals to make them look more attractive.

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