If you have children or pests in your home, you have to think about them if you are going to come up with a new design for your landscape as well as if you are transforming your old landscape to a new one. You can include a jungle gym, a sandbox, or an open area that is grassy for some football or net games like badminton and volleyball. You can simply place a jungle gym or sandbox into a small area or corner of your garden. To reduce the impact of falls, you can simply add a thick shredded bark mulch layer on your ground for your jungle gym and other areas where a lot of physical activities must take place.

As early as possible, you should be introducing your children to proper yard and gardening maintenance measures so that as they grow old, they will develop a deeper appreciation and respect for your garden and plants. These learning sessions are a god start to teaching them more about plants in general and what you have in your garden and how each of them will grow up. In this way, you are also reducing their chances of ingesting any poisonous plants or portions of your plants.

If you have pets in your home, make sure to create a garden area where they can enjoy some play and run time. Avoid using gravel as this can be too irritating on their paws and can be very hot during the summer months. You can use shredded bark mulch instead for their play area that will also work great as their potty area. For your dog houses, make sure to place them in protected areas like near your garage or house or tucked into corners where you may have a fence for them to be provided additional protection. Wind and sun protection are two other key considerations for your pets.

When you have dogs as pets, for instance, make sure to be flexible. There are some dogs that just like to dig and dig around no matter what. With their digging behavior, it may seem impossible for you to be keeping certain plants. For instance, if you have just planted newly some dynamite crape myrtles, you might be surprised the next day to see your plants dug up and dried out. You may just end up replacing them with another set of plants, and the worst part is that your dog might have to dig them up all over again. Thus, to stop the cycle and avoid wasting more of your money, you can plant crape myrtles in some large containers with some few annuals inside. Sure, this might not be something you want your landscape to look like; however, if you have a garden gate, you can simply place them outside. Planting your plants in raised beds and containers is truly one of the best solutions for you to keep your plants safe from the ground and be dug up by your beloved dog over and over again.

Dogs are also well known for marking their territory on your garden; so, they urinate on both your small and young plants risking them to die. To avoid this scenario, around the base of your plants, make sure to sprinkle some cayenne pepper around the area.

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