Sandstone is one of the most commonly used materials for home and garden use. It is a kind of sedimentary rock that is comprised of small grains of sand, rock, and other minerals. This material can be easily sculpted, cut, and polished to great a wide range of products. The use of sandstone products can surely add some style and class to any living space. Below are some of the most popular sandstone products that are currently sold in the market that you can add to your home.

1. Columns
You can create some form of grand entrance to your home by adding sandstone columns on both sides of your porch. You can also put them inside of your home to create a barrier in any large open space. Columns not just add more appeal to your home but also, they can be used for their structural function, that is to support your roofs and ceilings. You can customize your columns to your specifications. You can also choose from different styles starting with the more basic and simple ones to the more decorative and ornamental ones.

2. Water features
Adding sandstone water features will enhance the look of your home. To have an enchanting centerpiece, you can add a three-tiered water fountain made of sandstone at the center of your garden or large circular driveway. Fountains also look great at the end of a walled or enclosed swimming pool. If you garden has limited space, you can add a wall-hanging sandstone water fountain. You can also add sandstone bird baths that not just look great but also attract more wildlife to your garden.

3. Planters
Planters are pots that are used to hold bushes, flowers, and trees. A good way to introduce sandstone planters into your home is to have two identical planters with a pruned bay tree placed on both sides of your entrance porch. Again, you can choose from different sizes and shapes as well as have them customized to your specifications. You can also utilize sandstone urns that function more or less like planters. Just be sure to place them onto a freestanding column if you want to create a focal point or barrier.

4. Letterboxes
Adding a sandstone letterbox to your front garden will not just keep your mail dry and safe but give it a more attractive look. These letterboxes also come in different shapes, styles, and sizes that you can choose from.

5. Benches
A garden can also benefit from sandstone benches. They are timeless and are made to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Unlike wooden benches, sandstone benches do no deteriorate in time and will look like new in the many years to come. You may choose to have your benches customized with some decorations and ornamental etchings.

6. Tables
To match your sandstone benches or garden chairs, you can also choose to get sandstone tables for your garden. This will create an area in your garden where you can eat and sit with family and friends. They look perfect placed in paved areas for barbecue.

Before buying any of these sandstone products, always assess the quality of the stone. Always go with high-quality sandstone not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its durability and longevity. You can be sure to get quality sandstone products if you will place your orders from a reliable and reputable company in the business.

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