Growing vegetables and fruits at your own backyard or garden has already become very common for a lot of households. Tomatoes, for instance, are one of many vegetables that you can grow on your own. Today, you can get a lot of vegetable gardening tips and advice if you ever have plans of growing tomatoes from expert tomato growers. They can now easily share them using various means, and this short article will give you the 101 on tomato growing. But before that, you need to know where you can get some valuable gardening, in particular tomato growing, tips that you can use.

If you are on the search for some valuable gardening and tomato growing tips, then your local nursery should be your first source. Of course, you can always buy plants at some chain stores with garden centers or your local supermarkets and even get cheaper prices for them; however, you seldom see the staff to be very knowledgeable about gardening. If you want reliable vegetable gardening help, then you should approach a good local nursery near you. A great majority of nurseries take care and sell plants that they have grown themselves from seed. For sure, they will have some expert knowledge that is also based on experience about the different plant varieties and can give you advice related to your local conditions.

Another place to gather some gardening and tomato growing knowledge is your local garden clubs where meetings are held by other gardeners to impart and improve knowledge about vegetable growing. You can always get ideas from other gardeners about growing plants such as tomatoes that you can benefit from when you are going to be growing your own. When you are part of these meetings and their classes and workshops, you will gain knowledge on the basics and the complexities of growing your own garden depending on your local conditions.

You can also get some helpful general gardening and tomato growing advice from your local county extensions office. They will have people that can help you resolve your gardening problems if you may have some. They will do some soil tests, assess diseases and plants, and even supply you free plants or seeds as necessary.

After you have gathered all necessary information that will help you grow your own tomatoes, you then proceed to get your hands down and dirty.

When it comes to most vegetables like tomatoes, they can be very easy to grow as long as you begin to look into the soil that you will be growing them and ensure that it is in good condition. Before you plant any tomatoes, make sure to till your soil to about ten inches deep and then dig in some organic compost like the well-rotted ones. You should do this process several weeks before you are going to be planting your tomatoes.

When frost is clear in your garden or backyard, proceed to drive a stake that is 3/4 inch into the garden bed that you have prepared. Dig a hole that is wider in size compared to the tomato’s pot next to the stake and go a little deeper. You then have the plant gently placed into the hole. You can also use a tomato cage or trellis if you are no fan of stakes. Use soft tomato ties or twine to secure their stem to the trellis or stake. Make sure to check the ties regularly as your tomato plants grow to ensure that no damage happens to their stems.

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