Growing plants like vegetables and fruits can be one of the most fulfilling things that you will be doing in your life, more so when you will be getting delicious rewards, literally. However, growing a garden has its many share of challenges. For starters, there is nothing as frustrating as finding out that half of the tender plants and vegetable seedlings that you have planted have been eaten. Slugs and snails that pester your plants during the night most especially after watering or rain are one of the most time-consuming and costly problems you will ever encounter in your garden.

Fortunately, there are now several measures that you can use to take care of these snail and slug problems. One of the most common snail control measures are the snail baits that you can immediately purchase in your nearby local gardening store. Snail baits contain certain poison that kill snails by attracting them. This may seem ruthless; however, if these creatures are the number one enemy of your plants, then you may have to result to these measures. However, there are always other ways that you can use for your garden minus the poison that will still help get rid of these snails. Keep in mind that using poison in your garden might end up harming your children and household pets. Other insects that are beneficial to your garden might also be exterminated with the likes of beetles, earthworms, and birds. In addition, you might be poisoning your ponds and waterways if you lay your bait too close.

Good thing there are now pet-friendly snail control measures that you can utilize that will deal with your snail issue while makings sure that no life of any living creature will be put in harm. It is also a good thing that these environmentally friendly measures are also cheaper than the snail poison that you can get from your local gardening supply stores.

Now, before you utilize any of the below snail control measures, make sure to get rid of places in your garden that snails and slugs just love to thrive in.

• Utilize a barrier
Place lines of crushed nut shells, eggshells, or sawdust around the plants in your garden that need protection from these snails. Other barriers include sandpaper, salt, and hair. You can also use crushed lime as long as you do not place them around plants that require acidic soil. The use of a barrier means that you will not be needing to dispose a number of dying or dead snails.

• Utilize a snail repellant
Pungent herbs such as rosemary and mint an also be effective snail control measures. Just make sure to either shred or crush them and place them around plants that are vulnerable.

• Utilize friendly baits
Beer is actually effective in luring and killing snails that are ruining your garden plants. Snails often find the smell of beer enticing, and once they find it, they unexpectedly drown in it. However, you could be putting at risk your household pets from getting drunk. If this can be an issue on your pet, you can cover your beer with a cover comprised of ice cream container and the like.

• Hand picking
Though this may be least favored, it is actually very effective in reducing slug and snail populations. You may have to do this activity late at night though since snails and slugs are often active during the night. You just basically pluck each snail from your garden and then dispose them.

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