There are different decors that you can choose from for your garden. However, nothing compares to adding fountains to your garden. Until this day, fountains are considered as one of the perfect garden decors out there. It can be a great focal point with its intricate stone designs. On the other hand, the rushing water sounds that it makes are the perfect complement to your green foliage. Nonetheless, there is more to garden fountains than just being lawn ornaments. You see, they also serve as a representation of a sustenance source for your plants.

You can have your garden fountain placed on your sprawling backyard while you can also place it on your small patio. Either way, a well-placed fountain will no doubt add more life to any outdoor space that you have.

In terms of fountain designs, fountains come in different styles. However, only a few can be utilized in home gardens. Some of the most common fountain styles include pond, wall, and tabletop.

A pond fountain is the best option if you have a bigger garden space. A pond fountain can be as big as your pond; however, there are smaller varieties that you can use for your garden as well as for indoor use. Usually, pond fountains are programmed or wired with spray and lighting patterns.

On the other hand, wall fountains have a low spray and come with a basin-like base. As the name implies, wall fountains are attached to any water source that comes from a wall. Since they do not take up a lot of space, they are great additions to small home gardens.

Meanwhile, there are some gardens that are just too small to accommodate this water feature. If your garden falls in this category, then you should choose smaller tabletop fountains. From their name, tabletop fountains are positioned on top of tables that usually serve as center pieces. They are typically simple to set up and are powered electrically.

In terms of materials, different materials are used for garden fountains. The most common and the best materials to use, though, are ceramic and concrete. You can also choose from different shapes of garden fountains. You can go with the simpler rectangular blocks to the more complicated stone sculptures. Some garden fountains give you a more interesting texture when a soapstone or sandstone finish is given to them. The use of marble garden fountains can also add more appeal to your garden. However, they can be quite costly and are just impractical for garden fountains of medium to large size.

For tabletop fountains, the use of porcelain, copper, or wood materials will suffice. However, it can be difficult for these materials to hold water in full size. Nonetheless, a well-placed and well-made miniature would do the job just fine. To make your tabletop fountains more interesting, you can add bonsai features and some interesting lights to them.

When you are more after the look of your fountain, then you can go with fiberglass material. The use of fiberglass fountains is currently becoming popular because of its flexibility in terms of design and its being weather resistant. They can also be made to look like glass, marble, stone, and wood while making sure that structural integrity is maintained.

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