Creating a green garden can be an easy endeavor as long as you take things one step at a time. Usually, when you say green gardening, most people immediately think that it is all about using organic fertilizers. However, there is more to green gardening than just that. There are certain gardening methods that take a greener approach. You can actually start small with some green methods that take little effort on your part.

Having a green garden does not always require a big garden space. You can actually start growing a green garden with just 125 square feet of growing space. If you have plans of extending your green garden endeavors, you can always do green gardening using containers and planters and having them placed on your deck and porch areas.

If you are planning to start a green garden, here is a beginner’s guide to creating your own.

In starting a green garden, it all begins with doing a bit of research and homework here and there. Before you begin, make sure that you know the zone or area that you will be working with. Learn about water, sun/shade, soil, wind, rocks, wet/drought areas, and other elements that play a role in growing your green garden. Before you add permanent features to your garden, live with your garden for at least a year first. You can plant some annuals for color. You may also put annuals in garden containers and arrange them between 3 and 5 group vignettes. Green gardening does not always imply doing it the traditional way where you need to do it in ground.

Create a sketch of your garden and take note of all of your plants. Determine what types of plants you are getting along with their colors. You should find out how wide, small, or big your plants will be growing. Each year, make sure that you will be adding new plants to the sketch that you have made. Ensure to secure basic gardening tools for your green garden. These include hoes, gloves, spades, pruners, trowel, adjustable rakes, and more. Come the Fall or Spring season, make sure that you take the time to till the soil so that you can add nutrients as needed.

One of the key elements to creating a green garden is to utilize organic fertilizers. However, it is important that you remember that being organic does not always imply being free from risks. Whether you are using chemical or organic fertilizers, always read and follow instructions carefully. If not, you might be putting yourself to harm as well as your plants. Since you are growing a green garden, it is vital that you only choose organic fertilizers. They help to improve your soil over time so that as your plants grow, you will be using less fertilizer since the soil will be feeding your plants in a more natural way. This is one of the reasons why wild flowers grow excellently.

And last, never plant anything unless you have committed to spending a serious amount of your time and effort in tending to your garden. If you still want to have a garden of your own but have no or little time to tend to it, then you should choose to plant annuals with color using either shrubs or grasses that only require you little maintenance. If you are striving for a themed-garden that is diverse, then you should put a lot of your attention to it.

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