If you are a first-time gardener, you have to prepare yourself with the tasks and responsibilities that lie ahead for you. Before you can begin going down and dirty, you can enhance your knowledge on the basics of gardening first so your gardening efforts will not come to waste. Here are some guidelines that you can use that will be of help no matter what kind of gardening method you use.

• Weed control
No gardening is complete without taking the proper measures of weed control. You cannot grow healthy plants and produce if you are not able keep weeds away from your garden. If weeds will take over your garden, plants cannot get enough sun and water cannot get to your plants. Eventually, the weeds will be taking over the roots of the seedlings and plants. By doing regular hoeing work, you can keep the weeds under control. If you fail to do so, in just one week, you will have hundred of weeds lurking in your garden. Any beginner in gardening will be discouraged greatly by this immense presence.

• Animal/pest control
Pests will always be a mortal enemy of your garden and its plants as well as some animals. Beetle worms and deer are some of the animals that wreak havoc to your gardening plans. You will just end up frustrated knowing that after all the effort you have put up in preparing your garden, planting vegetables and fruits, hoeing them every day, and watering your plants, they will just be gone the moment the turn edible. This is one common reason for a lot of beginner gardeners to give up. To prevent animals from taking over your garden, utilize the square foot gardening method. You will not just have less animals eating your plants and less weeds but not pests as well.

• Gardening through the seasons
If you are a first-time gardener, you might think that there are only two seasons for gardening, that is summer and spring. However, this is not true at all. There are now newer and better methods that you can apply to still do some gardening in most of fall and some of winter. If you are going to be implementing a greenhouse system, then you can safely do gardening all throughout the year. Using the square foot gardening method, you can just put a cold cover over the plants in your garden and still have many fresh veggies during the fall. If you will be having an herb garden, you can put your little version in a plastic bucket and put plants in and out of it in the long run.

• Traditional gardening
Traditional gardening has been used since time immemorial. However, in the present times, keeping up with the traditional methods of gardening will demand more work from you and often become inefficient. Furthermore, you only get less percentage of the seeds that you have planted for harvest. Just imagine planting thousands of lettuce seeds in one row of your traditional garden. This will just leave your plants thinning to make up for some space. This will result to many good seeds to be wasted. And once they are ready, they will just end up being consumed by animals lurking around your garden. It is fortunate that in the present, you have the square foot gardening method and not have to worry about these traditional gardening problems already.

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