Having a garden that you can call your own is one of the best accomplishments that you will ever have as a home owner. However, you cannot always be there 24/7 for your garden. You also have some responsibilities at home and at work that require more than just tending to your garden. Nonetheless, you cannot deny the fact that your garden will need all the maintenance work that it can get. The leaves that need gathering, raking, and clearing should not just be done by you anymore. Getting down and dirty in removing pet feces and compost should no longer be a one-man undertaking. With professional garden and waste clearance services, a removal company will already be taking care of all of these things and more for you.

Who needs garden and waste clearance services?
• Homes with large yards
• Home owners who have their trees regularly pruned
• Home owners needing to prepare their lawn for inviting guests over for a party
• Homes of people with disabilities and the seniors
• Home owners suffering from painful joints and chronic backaches
• Home owners who will be putting their houses for sale
• Tenants who are preparing their properties for inspections from the landlords
• Any home owner who wants their lawn and garden to look tidy and neat

If you are any of the people just mentioned above, below are the factors that you have to consider in choosing the right garden and waste clearance service for you.

1. Licensed company/operator
When looking for a good garden clearance and waste disposal company, you need to find one with an operating license. Make sure that you see their license first before you hire their services. In this way, if you will have disputes with them, you can file a complaint against them.

2. Provision of general services
These include removal of unwanted garden tools, furniture, and equipment and sweeping and clearing of leaves, logs, branches, animal and pet droppings, bushes, plants, grass and turf. Most of these companies will take care of dismantling unwanted structures and furniture on site and have these pieces transported using their vehicles.

3. Reasonable rates
Some companies charge by your lawn size while others charge by the weight of the waste that they have collected or by the hour. Find out how you will be charged and if they fit your needs.

4. No hidden charges
A company that you can rely on will provide you an upfront quote and will inform you if they will be charging you extra for certain services. These include additional manpower, weekend surcharge, fees for tearing down and sawing bulky items, and loading fees. Make sure that you ask what these undisclosed charges are before hiring any company.

5. Punctuality
A reliable company will offer you an appointment time with between a maximum of an hour or two as window. This ensures that you can proceed with your everyday life while making sure that you need not wait around for the company to show up.

6. Provision of other services
Some companies offer you other services like removing of unwanted rugs and furniture as well as disposal of old television sets and other big household items that would be too much of a hassle to do on your part or to transport to a recycling facility. Some of these companies also offer plant trimming, tree pruning, and lawn moving services. Instead of hiring different companies, you can just hire one company to do all of these services and more.

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