No matter how much you tend to your garden, there will always be bugs and other animals that will come to destroy all the hard work that you have done. It does not matter if you just want a few flowers in your garden or if you are an avid gardener or a farmer because these insects will come to pester you day in and day out. That is why if you own a garden no matter how big or small it may be, you must come prepared for these creatures. If you want to be batting these garden bugs and creatures, always go with natural methods of controlling them.

Before you can get rid of the garden bugs that want nothing more but to come and destroy your garden, you have to educate yourself first about the helpful bugs that will be roaming around your garden. Believe it or not, not all bugs are bad. Some of them are actually helpful when it comes to growing your own garden. For example, worms help to enrich your soil with nutrients so that your plants can thrive and survive. Bees keep every flower and plant in your garden pollinated while dragonflies get rid of mosquitoes that might be feeding off of your family. Thus, you want to make sure to not get rid of these helpful bugs but only the ones that are destructive and will do no good to your garden.

Here is a list of the most common enemy garden bugs and natural methods of getting rid of them.

1. Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are not just downright annoying but also, they can put to danger the lives of a lot of humans. They are known to carry different viruses that can make any living person sick. Getting rid of mosquitoes easily involves the use of citronella candles. However, for a more natural method, you can install a bat house in your garden since bats can eat thousands of these mosquitoes every night.

2. Mice
Mice are difficult to get rid of, however, they can be carriers of serious diseases that is why you have to make sure to keep them away from your home and garden as much as you can. To get rid of mice, you can stop growing seed-bearing plants like sunflowers. Mice love seeds. If you keep these plants to a minimum in your garden, then no mice and other small creatures will be attracted to your garden and your home.

3. Hornets and wasps
In comparison to bees, wasps are not capable of doing something helpful to your garden and their sting can cause you a lot of pain. Also, they often build nests that are very large leading any home owner to avoid going out of their house to avoid being attacked by these creatures.

4. Slugs
Though slugs are tiny creatures, they can actually eat your plants away. They leave tiny holes in every leaf that they encounter. You can sprinkle some sand around each plant stalk if you want to get rid of these creatures naturally. Also, if your environment is suitable, you can introduce some toads in your area to get rid of them fast.

5. Earwigs
If you have tried having your garden attacked by these creatures, then you know how quick they are at destroying your herbs or flower beds. To get rid of them, you can mix water with beer, dish soap, or cooking oil and put a few ounces of them in low cans around your affected garden.

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