Ordinary stone pebbles come in a variety of uses and colors. This is one of the reasons why there are a number of ways for you to use them inside and outside of your home. If you are planning to utilize pebbles in your home and garden, this short article will provide some of the creative ways to using pebbles in and around your home.

• Pebbles in Japanese gardens. A Japanese garden is known for being serene and quiet. There are specific elements that come into play to achieve this kind of garden. These include rocks, green plants, and water. Usually, gardens that offer this kind of effect are just one part of the entire garden design. You can use pebbles in your water feature to complete the look and feel of this kind of garden.

• Pebbles in decorative pots. If you have indoor plants, placing pebbles in your pots is just perfect. Be sure to consider what kind of pot or vase you will be putting these pebbles in. Do not forget to consider the color of the pebbles you are getting. You can choose to match your pebble colors with your decorative pot or ceramic pot. This is one way to make your indoor plants more attractive.

• Pebbles in bottom vases. Pebbles are also great to be placed inside low or bottom vases. There is just something attractive about having different pebble colors placed inside of your glass bottom vases. You can have these decorative bottom vases serve as your table decoration that will just be great for any occasion that you will be having.

• Scattered pebbles in drives and paths. The use of pebble stones in drives and paths is also perfect as long as you take into account the vehicles that are going to be passing them by regularly. Utilize small pebbles for areas with heavy foot and car traffic. This makes a relaxing underfoot experience as well as an easy area for cars to be driving over. If you utilize gravel, for better holdings, make sure to compact them. Do not forget to occasionally spray water on them and put extra stones as necessary. They are more attractive and tougher than the use of traditional concrete driveways.

• Pebbles in water features. A lot of home gardens now come with water features because of the serenity and tranquility that they offer. If you are thinking of adding some water feature into your garden, it is best to arrange some pebbles and stones in and around it. Place small stones at the water base while bigger stones at the edge. Before putting pebbles, wet them first so you can assess how well they will look in your water feature of choice.

• Pebbles in ponds. Just like how you have positioned your pebble stones in your water feature, the same can be said with your ponds. Ordinary pebbles are often sandy yet when you wash them off, their real color shows off. To achieve a more natural look, mix and match different sizes and stones.

• Pebbles as mulch. Majority of gardeners do some mulching in the garden. This is where pebbles must be put on the top portion of the soil so that moisture is maintained. By using pebbles as mulch, the number of times it will take for you to water your plants will be lessened thereby minimizing the time spent for watering as well as your water consumption.

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