There are different varieties of lettuce that gardeners such as yourself can grow. Nonetheless, if you are no seasoned lettuce grower, you should go with varieties that are highly productive even with limited space, are easy to grow, and easily disease- and pest-free. What is great about growing lettuce will have to be the fact that they do not require a lot of effort on your part. Indeed, you can say that growing a healthy lettuce garden can be one of the first steps that you can take in your gardening venture. This short article will give you some key points on how you can go about growing your very own healthy lettuce garden.

One of the key points to achieving maximum production of lettuce is to find a site in your home where soil easily drains well but just enough for it to retain the moisture that your lettuce plants need. You have to also make sure that the soil that you use is enriched with potassium and nitrogen. You can accomplish this when you are going to be using a lot of organic matter. If you say organic matter, you are referring to rotted manure, compost, or leaf mold. By using organic matter, your soil will not just be enriched with its much-needed nutrients but will also loosen.

When it comes to majority of lettuce varieties, their average maturity range is between 45 and 55 days. If you will be growing them, you can plant from two to three crops. Nonetheless, if you will be going for the butterhead and loose-leaf varieties, you can easily have them harvested at just about any time of their lettuce development stage. However, if you choose the heading variety, you will be expecting them to take a much longer time to mature. Romain, for instance, can take between 75 and 85 days to mature and be ready for harvest while crisp head can take between 70 and 100 days.

From the above tips alone, your choice of lettuce variety really matters. If you choose right, then there is no doubt that you can have a good source of lettuce plants all throughout its growing season. Growing lettuce can be beneficial to you in more ways than one. Lettuce is often a perfect salad treat for its entire growing season. Indeed, there is no better way to eat your very own fresh Caesar salad with some fresh romaine coming from your very own garden alone!

If you are still not buying the idea of growing your own lettuce garden, here are a few basic tips to ponder. As mentioned above, lettuce is one of those vegetables that you can just grow easily in your own garden or backyard. If you do not want to go out and plant your lettuce, you can actually start growing it indoors when you do early transplantation. However, if you want to get down and dirty literally while planting lettuce, then you can also directly sow them in your own garden. As a matter of fact, utilizing the both of these methods in growing lettuce is even recommended so you get maximum production. Since lettuce seeds are very tiny, you just have to make sure to be generous when you will be planting them in your garden.

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