Patio gardening is becoming a common practice for a lot of home owners. It is a good way for gardeners to grow vegetables even if they do not have a yard of their own to grow them. As the name implies, patio gardening is usually done in the patio, but it can also be done on a deck, balcony, or back doorstep. There are benefits to growing a container garden. For instance, it helps prevent soil-borne diseases as well as poor soil problems. Just make sure that the soil you use is packaged potting soil.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits like carrots, tomatoes, radishes, and lettuce does not require a lot of space. Choosing the dwarf and miniature varieties allows your plants to mature faster and produce fruit earlier compared with the standard size varieties. A lot of people have become interested in patio gardening that is why a lot of seed companies and plant breeders are producing more crops that can be bred for patio gardening. They are finding ways to grow plants and seeds that produce the same quantities with their standard counterparts.

The amount of sunlight that your patio or balcony receives determines the kind of crops that you can grow. For partial shade, root crops and leaf crops such as carrots and lettuce can be grown in such environments. Fruit-producing crops like cucumbers and tomatoes, however, will need a minimum of five hours of being under the direct heat of the sun. Preferably, these crops should get between eight and ten hours of sunlight daily. If this seems impossible with your patio, you can find ways to increase the light they are receiving by using reflective materials like an aluminum foil.

You can make your patio garden more interesting by using unique containers for your plants. You can also make your patio garden more attractive be setting one corner of with leafy crops while setting another corner with root crops. You can hang tomatoes upside down while you can use hanging pots for your herbs. If you are going to create a balcony patio garden, you can make use of large containers with trellises. They will help deal with the crops that you have that produce fruits. Also, the taller your crops become, the more shade you will be giving them in your garden.

There are many reasons to start a patio garden for your vegetables and fruits aside from just having a small backyard. Some other reasons include the convenience of having their containers placed in a level that you can easily reach. Also, having a patio garden means that you will not be having a hard time accessing your crops from your kitchen. Having a patio garden is also a good idea for gardeners who have disabilities. In addition, these gardens are also great for children who want to know how to grow their own vegetables and fruits.

Compared with vegetables grown in traditional gardens, vegetables grown in containers require more attention. Vegetables placed in containers often have restricted root systems and dry out much quicker. That is why you have to make sure that they get enough water supply. You can also keep the surface temperature cooler by adding mulch to the top layer.

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