Aside from maintaining your home and garden, you also have to think of ways to transform them to give a whole new look to them. This brings about a lot of excitement among most home owners. Surely, a lot of gardening experts will be able to give you some practical transformation ideas that you can try for your home and garden. There are actually a lot of factors that come into play in ensuring that your garden is transformed. Though the size of your garden is not that much important, the proper positioning of your garden furniture, pathways, and plants is crucial to achieving the kind of look that you want for your garden. be sure to take note of the following instructions.

Before you plant any vegetable seedlings or plants in your soil, you have to first make sure that you have prepared your soil. Clean your garden and make sure that you collect the leaves, branches, and lawn clippings found all over it. You then use a shredder that you have or one that you rented and then have these lawn clippings shredded for use as fertilizer later on. In one particular area of your yard, you then make a compost pile there. Do not forget to put on top of your waste products and leaves a layer of soil. You then look at the tags that come with the plants that you have bought to learn how much shade or sun they need. Once you have figured out the best spot for them, you then start making your soil bed. Just be reminded that you need not dig too deep for you might create a root rot or choke your plants. If you are thinking of planting a tree in your garden, be sure to create a clear surrounding around it. Also, be sure that the fertilizers that you choose for your plants are suitable for their growth.

If you still have not planted the plants and trees in your garden, determine which ones will grow beautifully and be the best view of your garden. Once you have, you then place them on a location in your garden that will make you appreciate the view of your garden even more such as your dining room window or living room window. For instance, if you are thinking of growing some vegetables, then you can leave these plants growing in your backyard. On the other hand, if you have bought a stunning Japanese maple, then you can have it planted strategically on one of your garden areas that you can see directly from your dining room or patio. You can make a pathway from your driveway to the entrance of your home and then have some flowering trees or shrubs planted on both their sides.

You can also have a landscape created for your home that comes with not just plants but some rocks or even a decorative statue that will help highlighting the overall look of your garden. Make sure to look for ways that you can have your garden protected from rabbits and any wildlife that can destroy it. You might also consider planting some nectar-fresh flowers so that you can have some way of attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

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