If you have all the time in the world to transform your own yard into a more attractive garden, you need not really hire professional gardeners and landscape artists for the job. All you need are a passion for gardening and your own creativity, and there is no doubt that you are good to go. However, it pays to have some background and good knowledge in gardening. Without the right background and knowledge in gardening, you might end up regretting doing something about your front or backyard on your own.

• Plan carefully
One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes in designing your own garden is to do some careful planning. Most gardens that are unable to sustain their beauty and color are the ones that have been haphazardly designed. Make sure to plan the arrangement for your plants and ornaments as well as what kind of plants, flowers, and shrubs you intend to use. Avoid plants that only grow in a certain season because this would mean your garden will look dead come the following seasons. Include some perennials because of their longer lifespans and their ability to still grow and blossom after they have been cut.

• Plant enough autumn plants
Enjoy the natural beauty that the autumn season brings by planting autumn plants with colorful leaves. What you might have inside of your head is just to plant plants that will bloom during the summer and spring seasons. Though they can make your garden bloom more during these seasons of the year, during the autumn and winter seasons, their flowers will wither. You can still make your garden look more attractive during fall with autumn vines and shrubs like red chokeberry, burning bush, Viking black chokeberry, Virginia creeper, and fothergilla.

• Have some plants during the winter season
Most home gardens look dead during the cold winter months. This is because most home owners forget to plant shrubs, trees, and other plants that will be able to maintain some beauty in the garden during the winter months. To avoid this, you can plant some conifer trees, evergreens, colorful berries, and some trees with intricate branching patterns like birch trees, cranberry bush viburnum, evergreen holly shrubs, and bayberry.

• Irrigation system
To maintain the color and vibrancy of your garden, make sure that you set up a good irrigation system. Even if you think you have all the time in the world to water your plants, there may be times that your plant will need some sufficient supply of water that you cannot immediately provide on your own.

• Balance functionality and aesthetics
Though the overall look of your garden is essential, you should not forget the functionality of your garden design as well as its safety. Ensure that your plants will not be messing with or blocking your pathways. You should take note of this fact carefully when you have some pets and children in your house. In addition, if you will be holding some family gatherings in your own garden, you have to make sure to make enough law space to hold such events with the family and other guests.

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