One of the most popular plants that are grown in most people’s gardens are the tomatoes. However, until this day, a lot of people still mistake tomatoes as vegetables. If you are thinking of growing your own tomato garden, you have to first know that tomatoes are not vegetables. They are actually fruits that come from a vine.

There are a lot of benefits to consuming tomatoes. They are not just healthy but also easily accessible and available in your local markets and grocery stores. Even so, if you want to be assured of the source of your tomatoes, then you better plant them yourselves.

If you are thinking of growing your own tomato garden at home, your ultimate goal is to make sure that the tomatoes you are growing are healthy. Some people assume that the best tomatoes are those that are red and sweet. However, there are still a lot of varieties of tomatoes out there that are not necessarily sweet or even red. When you are not sure what tomato variety you should plant, this article will help you out.

When deciding to grow your own tomato garden, you have to address two questions first. The first question pertains to what you are going to do with your tomatoes when they become ripe. And the second question pertains to the number of tomato varieties that you want to grow.

What are you going to do with your ripe tomatoes? Will you use them for the following things?

  • for making salads
  • for drying
  • in cooking such as serving it with steak, in stews, and so on
  • for making tomato jam
  • for making chutneys and pickles
  • as supply for friends and family
  • After answering the first question, you then proceed to the second question.

What varieties of tomatoes do you intend for your home tomato garden to have?

  • Do you want to grow the small variety of tomatoes such as grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes?
  • What is the size of the tomato that you want to grow? Do you intend to have the large type that is flesh and comes with yellow, red, or striped colors even?
  • Are you thinking of growing tomatoes that are not too common in color in your area such as White Beauty or Black Russian?
  • How much garden space do you have to grow your tomatoes? This is a crucial question as this will have some influence on the kind of tomato vines that you should have for your garden. This lets you choose from determinate (bushy), semi-determinate (medium height), and indeterminate (tall) varieties.
  • Do you intend for your plant to produce more fruits or are you more after the quality of your fruits?
  • Are you after the hybrid seeds or the heirloom seeds? The former are seeds that are used in the commercial market and have been cross-bred. The latter are seeds that have never been cross-bred. In terms of flavor, the latter has more flavor than the former.

After figuring out the use for your tomatoes and the number of them that you need for your garden, you then proceed in figuring out what varieties you should go for. Most of the time, your final decision of the number of varieties to grow on your home garden will depend on how much space you have to grow your tomatoes. If you do not have enough garden space for the number of tomatoes that you need to grow, then you can have the smaller varieties planted in pots or containers instead.

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